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About the Servo Finder - Why build this?

Hi, i'm James, and I got tired of trawling through hundreds of servos on using their limited filtering options. It can be pretty frustrating when you know exactly the specifications of the servos you're after, but can't find them. So I searched around and found the - awesome - but I generally only buy stuff through HobbyKing as my models frankly don't deserve $40+ servos. I ended up building a script to find servos that matched my requirements, then I thought, other people might find this useful, i'll chuck it online - and here it is. If you do find this useful, please let me know below in the comments, and feel free to click 'Like' or 'Send' to spread the word.



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FYI: The data was last updated on the 29th of Oct, 2:34PM EST.

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